If you can’t be what you want

All the lyrics for this song is beautiful and get you think in all the things in your life (at least works for me) in a different way, with a different perspective. Here’s my favorite part:

Well if you can’t get what you love
You learn to love the things you’ve got
If you can’t be what you want
You learn to be the things you’re not
If you can’t get what you need
You learn to need the things that stop you dreaming
All the things that stop you dreaming

You should listen the song over and over again… It’s worth it


At the end, everyone of us have different things that stop us dreaming… so let’s conquer those things. The one question here is when do we know to “adjust”? I used to think that when I believed in a thing there was not anything in the world that can change that… but “Real Life” got in the way, and sometimes I don’t know what to think anymore…

I’ll try to move forward, as always…

Seeking Happiness with habits

Some people call it Happiness, I just call it “The Holy Grail”. But no matter how you call it, for each person, happiness is different, for some are related to goals, for others personal achievements or even all about business success.

I’ve discovered recently that for me, happiness is a combinations of many things, but also that is not something that just happens; you have to seek it and when you find it, you have to hold on to it and maintain it every day…

Nothing is perfect, and as I’ve said before, the good things in life aren’t simple, and happiness is one of the tricky ones. For example, it could be different in different times of life… things that make you happy one day, maybe will be the opposite in a year or two…

Recently I’ve read a great article about this subject, the interesting thing about it, is that the author views Happiness in a daily-basis kind of thing and nothing in a long run, it describes 6 simple habits that you should do every day to have a Happy Day. The beauty of that is that just doing 6 simple tasks everyday you will  have a Happy Day… and if you think about, having a happy day, everyday, you will achieve Happiness. But the tricky part is that you must work on those tasks every single day…


I hope this article also makes sense to everybody, so far, I make 5 of the 6 habits on a daily basis… I’m still working on the last one (and maybe the most important one of all) - HAVE MULTIPLE WAYS TO “WIN” EACH DAY - But how to achieve that is another complex matter.

One step at a time each day. Nothing is granted forever.

The “Seinfeld Strategy”

I’m a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld, for years, I’ve followed him and enjoyed everything that this comedian did (well, everything but the Bee Movie of course).

I’m pretty sure that I know every line in every episode of Seinfeld (yep, I know what you’re thinking) but I’ve never related anything that Seinfeld does, to my business… until now.

I just recently read this articule in the Entrepreneur Magazine that describes this thing called The “Seinfeld Strategy”… Here’s an excerpt:

It didn’t matter if he was motivated or not. It didn’t matter if he was writing great jokes or not. It didn’t matter if what he was working on would ever make it into a show. All that mattered was “not breaking the chain.”

Very enjoyable reading, the key is consistency.

Source: How the ‘Seinfeld Strategy’ Can Help You Stop Procrastinating

Much more that just lights

There’re a lot of places that I want to visit and experience, but this is a particular one that I find fascinating. The first time I heard about the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) was from my father… his explanation was wonderful, the idea of a changing lights in the sky that seems to move with the wind has almost a “magical” appealing for me. That tale was a while ago, but since that time I try to talk about the “lights” with him and that we need to see them some time.
I’ve watched a lot of videos online, but I’m sure that to be there will be a much better experience and something everybody must experience at least once in their life. Not sure when I will have the chance to see it… I tried to include it in a upcoming trip that I “should” have later this year, but is going to be a long shot to make.

Here’s a new video I found a few days ago and it summarizes the beauty of that “show”.


Source: sixth element

Making Excuses

Is it possible to imagine problems that don’t exist just to have an excuse when things no go as they suppose to go? to avoid the fact that maybe is you that aren’t trying enough? or don’t want to try more?… I just simply don’t know.

If none of those reasons above are true, why do I found myself stuck in the same place mentally, thinking in the same problem over and over again… making it impossible to my brain to move forward, to think in others things, to growth?

But, if I’m imagining all of those problems, why do I do it? and how to stop doing that and start to concentrate in more important things, like to have a better life (a happier life), to enjoy family, to growth the business… is it possible that I sabotage myself? thinking all day everyday for more than a year ago (almost 2 years) about problems that don’t exist?

Those are all really good questions, but as usual, I don’t have the answer to any of those… My focus still is to move forward, but I just can’t do it… don’t know how anymore.

For me it’s funny when I hear people say that they hope for the next year to improve any part of their life, but as a “realistic” as I’m, I don’t understand how to people can only think that and wait for all their problems disappear when the new year comes; for me, it’s just bullshit thinking. I have to work really hard to accomplish anything, I don’t have luck, so the “bullshit thinking” doesn’t apply to me.

So for me, I hope for the next year (or the next week really) to finally accomplish to stop imagine problems (or leave them behind if there are actual problems) and finally start DOING.